Muay Thai gym opens som tum store for earnings through the pandemic

Headshot kick knock-out som tum. That’s what happens when Muay Thai boxers put away the gloves and get out a mortar and pestle to smash chillis for the spicy papaya salad.
With fewer college students taking part in close-contact sports as a end result of Covid fears, a Muay Thai boxing health club in the central province of Ratchaburi adapted by opening a weekend restaurant promoting som tum and different Isaan dishes to continue making an earnings. The boxers helped out as cooks and food supply drivers.
Boxing coach Praphai Chantabandhit, who can also be the Assistant Dean of Muban Chombueng Rajabhat University, says he decided to show his Muay Thai faculty into a restaurant every weekend to earn more earnings.
The boxing coach told Thai media that it was onerous to search out restaurants nearby, so he typically cooked for himself and the boxing college students. After Extraordinary from college students and family, he tried selling his dishes online and provided free delivery to those within 2 kilometres of the store. He additionally supplied cooking and delivery jobs to his college students who’ve been unemployed due to the pandemic.
Most of the dishes had been Isan cuisines like various sorts of som tum or spicy papaya salad as properly as deep-fried chicken and sticky rice. Each menu item also had a unique identify associated to the boxing, like “headshot kick knock-out som tum.” The coach says he’s been working the som tum shop on the weekends for six weeks, obtained income, earning round 600 baht to seven hundred baht, which he has shared together with his students.
SOURCE: Thai News Agency

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