Governor proclaims restrictions on Phuket Vegetarian Festival

The Phuket Vegetarian Festival will be scaled down and underneath tight restrictions this year to stop the unfold of Covid-19. The weeklong pageant, where some apply self-mutilation to connect with the spirit world, attracts tourists from throughout the nation, and the world. The Phuket governor announced that this year’s festival from October 5 to fifteen could have restrictions on the activities and number of participants.
Each Chinese shrine involved within the competition should restrict the people collaborating in the ceremonies, together with the mediums who are said to apply self-mutilation to attach with the spirit world. Some pierce massive objects, like thick needles and even swords, through their cheeks and ears.
Along with following the basic illness management measures, like sporting masks and checking temperatures, the ceremonial activities have to be scaled down, fireworks and flares are banned, and each spirit mediums and their assistants must be fully vaccinated and test unfavorable for Covid-19. The Bangkok Post says that shows of supernatural energy through mediums are banned, however the report did go into detail about what exactly meaning.
Running out says that if 10% of participants on the shrine check optimistic for Covid-19, then the shrine should scale back the variety of activities and restrict the variety of individuals. The shrine should cancel all events if greater than 20% of members are contaminated.
WARNING: The video below incorporates images of self-mutilation that some could discover disturbing..

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