Bhumjaithai Party proposes bill to safeguard Thai hajj pilgrims stranded abroad

A groundbreaking solution is on the horizon because the Bhumjaithai Party‘s Southern working committee strategises a preventative measure; proposing a invoice to safeguard Thai hajj pilgrims from potential distress abroad brought about by points again residence.
Astoundingly, above 500 pilgrims hailing from Yala, Thailand discovered themselves in an unlucky entanglement, trapped and unsupervised on arrival in Saudi Arabia during the hajj period, regardless of an individual contribution of over 270,000 baht in the direction of the pilgrimage expenses.
Premiere voices of the committee, together with the previous Narathiwat parliamentary representative, Nujmuddin Uma, strongly expressed the urgency for a revamp of the present Hajj Affairs Promotion Act, negating future recurrences of the incident.
While tales of Thai pilgrims being left adrift have become a well-recognized annual narrative, the latest incident involving a staggering 500 individuals has inflicted an unprecedented degree of injury elevating the pressing call for resolution. He voiced, “It’s time the problem was addressed.”
Amid the proposed renovations beneath the committee’s showcased invoice, hajj tour preparations can be systematically overseen by a state-backed, financed, and supervised public organisation.
Furthermore, the bill proposes the initiation of a national committee particularly on hajj affairs which might be chaired by none apart from the Prime Minister. Membership of the committee would boast a number of high-tier authorities officials throughout multiple sectors along with esteemed Muslim scholars.
In addition to the above, the invoice additionally provides for a specialist hajj affairs department liable for supervising the hajj mission, alongside the proposal for an offices dedicated solely to hajj affairs.
Moneyback , concerning the at present stranded pilgrims, has commissioned the Department of Provincial Administration’s hajj affairs promotion division to supply immediate and comprehensive assistance. This cost includes guaranteeing the financial stability and reliability of all hajj tour organisers to keep away from similar scenarios in the future..

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