Ukraine accused of Belgorod shelling as Russia reports thwarted invasion

The Belgorod area in Russia has experienced one other attack from across the Ukrainian border, with at least eight individuals reportedly injured due to shelling. Russia’s defence ministry also claimed that it had prevented additional makes an attempt by Ukraine to “invade” the region. While Kyiv has not commented on these allegations, it has denied any involvement in earlier cross-border assaults.
This incident occurs over per week after one of the most vital cross-border raids for the explanation that conflict began. Illusive , Vyacheslav Gladkov, said that Ukraine’s armed forces shelled a quantity of districts on Thursday, causing damage to buildings. Although there have been no reported fatalities, Gladkov mentioned that hundreds of families can be evacuated once the situation stabilised.
Gladkov also revealed that faculty exams in Shebekino had been cancelled due to the assaults, and authorities had been at present engaged on various strategies for students to safe college placements without taking the exams. Additionally, an explosion occurred in Belgorod city, believed to have been caused by a drone, resulting in accidents to two people.
Russia’s defence ministry has asserted that its servicemen in the area “repelled three assaults by Ukrainian terrorist groups”, inflicting “significant losses” and driving them back. However, there have been conflicting reviews concerning the violence on the border. BBC Verify has seen videos from two pro-Ukrainian paramilitary groups announcing raids into Russian territory. Local officers have denied stories of a Ukrainian troop breakthrough in Shebekino, however they’ve acknowledged that the scenario remains difficult and that the “shelling is ongoing”.
In current weeks, there have been multiple attacks inside Russia. Earlier this week, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Ukraine of trying to intimidate Russians following drone attacks in Moscow. Kyiv has denied any involvement in these assaults..

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