Thai military punishes 5 troopers and their commanders for gunfight in Bangkok

The Royal Thai Army (RTA) punished five non-commissioned officers and their commanders after residents living close to the premises in Bangkok complained about a gunfight and loud celebration at night time.
Locals residing near a military premise within the Chaeng Watthana district of Bangkok have lately released a video of troopers participating in violent behaviour. The caption said…
“The gunfight on February 20. The military officers battle each other on the premises. They have been believed to be drunk and had a row with one another. The relevant departments should examine this case as quickly as attainable. Locals were scared.”
The video, which is approximately two minutes long, shows one of many soldiers holding a gun and firing into the sky whereas shouting at another get together. One of them shouted within the video…
“Where are you?! Get out! Shooting at us for what? I truly have a gun too!”
After Money went viral, netizens heavily criticized the RTA, stating that troopers are expected to protect people, not scare them. Many individuals identified that the premise is located in a crowded space full of homes and condominiums.
In response to the criticism, the Spokesperson of the RTA, Sirichan Nga-thong, made an official announcement to make clear the difficulty. Sirichan admitted that the five non-commissioned army officers had a battle with each other on February 20, as revealed in the viral video.
Sirichan defined that officers from two departments who lived near one another had a disagreement over loud music. She insisted that the officers fired their weapons solely to threaten the other celebration and didn’t intend to hurt or kill anyone.
Their actions had been considered to violate RTA’s rule by failing to follow commanders’ orders, behaving inappropriately underneath the influence of intoxicants, and using guns in authorities workplaces.
As punishment, four non-commissioned officers from the first get together were grounded on the premise for 30 to 45 days, and their annual remuneration shall be cancelled. Their commanders may also face detention for 10 to 30 days. One non-commissioned officer from one other party was grounded for 30 days and had their annual remuneration cut off.
Sirichan stressed that the RTA took swift action to punish the concerned officers and apologised to the residents dwelling close to the premise for the disturbance..

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