Thai man’s tragic end at taking pictures range in Rayong

A Thai man took his own life in a surprising scene at a capturing vary in Rayong province, Thailand. The suicidal man rented a 9mm gun, immediately aimed the pistol at his head and pulled the trigger after receiving safety directions from one of the range instructors. He later died in hospital after the occasion. Police are promptly investigating the causes resulting in such stress in the victim.
All-inclusive , Deputy Inspector (Investigative) of Ban Chang Police Station, Rayong Province, yesterday at three.30pm was notified of a serious self-inflicted gunshot wound inside a capturing vary in Pla subdistrict, Ban Chang district, Rayong province. The police rushed to investigate along with the investigative group and rescue staff.
The victim, a 40 yr old resident of Na Klua subdistrict, Bang Lamung district, Chon Buri province, was found with a gunshot wound to his right temple. A 9mm gun was found on the bottom. Despite the quick response and quick transportation to Ban Chang Hospital, the person died as a end result of bullet hitting an important point.
The capturing vary teacher disclosed that the deceased drove to the taking pictures vary in a pickup truck and rented a 9mm gun together with 20 rounds and a goal for a complete of 1,570 baht. They meticulously briefed him on the shooting range’s regulations and particulars. Shortly after loading the journal, shockingly, he used the firearm to shoot himself. The deceased had visited the range once before, stories Khaosod.
The police initially questioned the range’s staff, reviewed CCTV footage, and summoned the man’s family to investigate additional and uncover the true causes of the incident..

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