Thai lady sexually harassed by motorcycle rider on street in Yala

A 17 yr old lady faced a perverted man on the road in the southern province of Yala. The degenerate reduce her bike off and sexually harassed her.
The teenage sufferer, Nam, shared a video of the incident on social media to warn others on Siroros Road. Nam, who was on a bike, was seen participating in a dialog with a male bike rider who parked the car close to her.
From the dialog heard in the video, it seems that the person tried to get Nam’s contact data. The conversation in the video is below:
The man: “Can I even have your phone number?”

Nam: “No, no, I even have a boyfriend.”

List : “Who is your boyfriend? Where is he? Is he a neighborhood here?”

Nam: “Yes, he’s a local here.”

The man: “Can I even have your Facebook account then?”

Nam: “No, I even have a boyfriend already.”

The man then tried to touch Nam, making Nam scream…

“Stop! Do not touch! You cannot touch me.”

The man was shocked by Nam’s objections.
Why can’t I contact you, hah?”

The man then all of a sudden touched Nam, making her rapidly flee on her motorcycle. Luckily, Nam was safe but the incident terrified her.
Nam later gave an interview with Channel three, saying she encountered the perverted man when she parked on Siroros Road, ready for the visitors gentle on August 21. The deviant stared at her after which requested her contact but she did not respond.
According to Nam, the person stalked her till they needed to park at another visitors gentle again. Nam mentioned that the man managed to seize her arm and grope her backside before she managed to flee the scene.
Nam issued a warning to everybody, especially women who used Siroros Road, and urged cops to arrest the person for the security of others.
Unfortunately, an analogous incident in public was reported on August 15. The lady sought justice after she was sexually harassed while travelling on a train from Phitsanulok to Nakhon Sawan. According to the woman, the perverted man was a train official and committed an inappropriate act in entrance of other passengers.
That’s not all, two weeks ago a Thai man was ultimately arrested after he had sexually harassed several schoolgirls in Bangkok.

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