Thai authorities monitoring “Let’s Move Abroad” Facebook group

The Thai government is maintaining a tally of a model new Facebook group created by Thai citizens annoyed by the administration’s dealing with of Covid-19. In addition, many people in the “Let’s Move Abroad” group have voiced their anger at how the continuing political unrest is being dealt with and particularly, how pro-democracy detainees are being handled. The Digital Economy and Society Ministry says it’s monitoring the group, which has now attracted over 650,000 members since its creation on May 1.
DES Minister Chaiwut Thanakhamanusorn says that while the group can provide priceless assistance to those that wish to research or work overseas, officers have additionally spotted delicate political content which may violate Thailand’s strict lèse majesté law. The law, also called section 112 of the Criminal Code, prohibits criticising, defaming, or insulting the monarchy.
According to the Bangkok Post, Chaiwut says that some political content material within the group is designed to create division and to insult the monarchy. He warns that the ministry may take authorized action towards anyone answerable for posts or feedback that violate section 112.
“I’ve ordered the working panel to regularly evaluate the content material and take legal motion if need be.”
Aside from that, he says the group is a good useful resource for Thais considering of transferring overseas and such information-sharing should be inspired. He adds that the government is prepared to help Thai citizens who want to move overseas, however calls on group members to refrain from offering advice that violates immigration laws in other countries.
Meanwhile, numerous foreign embassies have responded to the creation of the group, posting messages geared toward would-be Thai expats. The Swedish embassy in Bangkok kicked issues off, listing the explanations Sweden could be an excellent country to move to.
“Are you dreaming about moving abroad? Here are a few reasons why Sweden ought to be considered – sturdy labour rights and safety, gender equality, innovations appreciation, and social welfare for all.”
Not to be overlooked, the Aussies chimed in, with their embassy offering to teach involved Thais some Aussie slang.
“Before joining #TeamAustralia, let’s get to know some slang the Aussies use. Zany will on Wednesday current 5 words about food that only Aussies understand.”

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