Taiwanese man’s spider egg sac photograph stirs horror and humour online

A Taiwanese man’s post on social media has drawn consideration and caused concern after he shared images of a spider holding what he thought was a mint candy, together with different bugs on his window. The man jokingly instructed that the arachnid’s mysterious object was a minty trick to help the spider keep cool. However, Internet commenters have been quick to appropriate him, identifying the merchandise as a spider’s egg sac – a warning sign of a possible spider infestation.
The man’s humorous post featured a detailed photograph of a spider, apparently holding one thing that resembled a mint sweet, perched on his window. He captioned the picture with jokes, questioning if the thing was too big and if it was indeed scorching enough for the spider to wish to cool down, completely unaware that it was an egg sac.
Another image in the post confirmed a big gecko on the left aspect of the body and a roach on the right, with the window seemingly serving as a barrier in opposition to a massive number of mosquitoes. Exclusive noted that he may soon be in a position to set up an entire ecosystem on his window pane.
However, the social media users who noticed the submit have been much less amused. Many frantically cautioned him, some even providing clear illustrative examples, that the supposed mint sweet was truly a spider’s egg sac. They warned of the nightmare that may ensue ought to the sac burst, releasing hundreds of spiderlings reported Sanook.
“You can’t reside in that home anymore.”

“Just taking a glance at it makes me sweat.”

“In a quantity of days, your own home shall be bustling.”

“Prepare for a giant party.”

However, different customers took a more optimistic view, suggesting that a minimal of the spiders that may inevitably pour forth from the egg sac would assist eradicate different pests, such as roaches.
Spiders are not often a nice surprise. Last week a story in Northern Mexico went viral when a hiker occurred upon an odd black clump lodged in a gap on a rocky incline. The peculiar clump had lengthy black fur and at first sight, seemed to be the rear of a puppy. What happened subsequent was quite unsettling – the black mass revealed itself to be a swarm of spiders..

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