Southern Thai community shaken by drug-infused gay intercourse scandal involving abbot

Best selling has ruffled the robes of both locals and monks alike in the tranquil southern province of Phattalung after a sinning abbot had been dealing in more than simply sermons, he was caught offering drugs to men in the neighborhood in change for gay sex, leaving the group in disbelief.
A woman who lives close to the temple advised Channel 3 that her husband allegedly had homosexual sex with the abbot, Terdchai Suttiyano. According to the woman, the abbot requested her husband and other younger men locally to have sex with him in trade for methamphetamine.
Locals corroborated the woman’s declare, saying that Abbot Terdchai allegedly had been having intercourse and utilizing medicine in his lodging on the temple for years.
Locals said that that they had proof within the type of a dialog on social media, footage and movies of the sinning abbot engaged in sexual activity. But all the evidence was ignored because the abbot is the grandson of an influential senior monk within the space.
Channel three reporters visited the temple to interview monks about the issue, and two monks confirmed that the information from the locals was true. The monks said they had urged the sinning abbot to stop his behaviour however he refused, telling them it was his own business.
The monks revealed that locals printed out explicit photos of the abbot and distributed them among the many neighborhood to reveal his behaviour however the abbot was not offended.
The monks mentioned they wanted to move to different temples however they needed to take care of the temple as the abbot disappeared a month ago.
Channel 3 reported that that they had contacted the National Office of Buddhism to inquire about the abbot’s punishment however the authorities passed the responsibility on to the Sangha Supreme Council.
After the story went viral on Thai social media, the Sangha Supreme Council summoned Abbot Terdchai and ordered him to leave his monkhood. The abbot complied with the order on Tuesday, September 12. The council said this was probably the most it may do as punishment. Drug use is past the council’s accountability.
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