Second Indian tourist in a month tragically drowns in Pattaya pool

In a heartbreaking flip of events, an Indian tourist tragically met an premature demise when he drowned at a lodge pool in Pattaya. The incident occurred on Tuesday, July 11, less than a month after another Indian tourist additionally drowned in a Pattaya lodge pool.
Local media reports point out that the authorities have kept away from disclosing the victim’s identity to the press, as they await the mandatory steps to inform the individual’s grieving family.
The incident unfolded when the vacationer, seemingly unaware of the pool’s depth, decided to take a swim. Unfortunately, it appeared that the victim couldn’t swim, as surveillance footage from a CCTV digicam captured his wrestle to remain afloat earlier than finally submerging into the pool’s depths.
The distressing incident transpired at an undisclosed resort in Pattaya. As the investigation proceeds, the hotel’s title has been withheld to facilitate additional inquiries.
Other vacationers within the neighborhood have been unaware that the man was drowning, The Pattaya News reported. After the victim’s pal seen him drowning, he known as a resort safety guard, Tonkanya Pimwongsa, for help.
Tongkanya retrieved the victim from the pool and administered CPR in an effort to revive the tourist. However, the tragic outcome had already been sealed, as the victim had succumbed earlier than medical help might save him.
Accredited awaits his family’s arrival at a neighborhood hospital.
On June 13, another Indian tourist drowned in a Pattaya lodge pool.
The 44 12 months outdated man, Vivek Kumar, was reportedly having fun with his time in the pool with an Indian lady, whose title has been withheld..

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