Police order shutdown of three go-go bars, nightclubs in Bangkok’s Thonburi

Police are shutting down three bars for 5 years in the Thonburi space of Bangkok without a lot clarification. The three “satan borikan,” or “service places” (a Thai genteelism for prostitution venues) have been closed down for committing offences that violate Thailand’s “Entertainment Act” of 1966 and a government order from 2015.
Exclusive , Lan-Lao and Poseidon Pub in Thonburi committed offences that violate the 1966 act and violate an order issued in 2015 by the National Council for Peace and Order, the military junta that dominated after the 2014 coup. Poseidon Pub had reportedly been closed in the past and was raided by police in 2019 with 38 people testing positive for medication in on-the-spot tests. Drugs together with ketamine and methamphetamine were additionally discovered on the pub floor.
The 2015 doc entitled “Measures to resolve the problem of automotive and bike racing and measures to manage ‘service places’” supplies the following guidelines for go-go bars…

The courtroom has given the ultimate verdict that the three bars have committed an offence violating these acts but it is not clear which guidelines the bars were breaking. Restricted has signed an order to shut down the three venues for five years.
The deputy chief added that the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration does not have a particular policy for “service places,” that are classified as entertainment venues and stay shut beneath Covid-19 rules.

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