Monkey free certification launched in Thailand for coconut merchandise amid Peta allegations

Striving to counter allegations of animal cruelty, the Department of Agriculture in Thailand introduced the launch of a new certification system, Monkey Free Plus (MFP), for coconut merchandise not harvested by monkeys. This transfer comes in response to claims put forward by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), which has negatively impacted the export of Thai coconuts and associated products to the United States, Canada, Europe, and different markets. These revelations had been shared by the department’s director-general, Rapibhat Chandarasrivongs.
In July, a consortium of coconut milk producers implored the government to respond to these allegations and rent a lobbyist to protect the industry’s interests. These appeals were triggered by accusations claiming the mistreatment of monkeys utilized in Thailand’s coconut harvesting course of.
PETA posted a tweet stating, “Reminder that if you see ‘Thai’ or ‘Thailand’ on a can of coconut milk, depart it on the shelf. Snap as infants & later forces them to select coconuts.”

An business insider revealed that PETA’s allegations, initially made in July 2020 and subsequently resurfacing in November of the same 12 months and once more mid-this 12 months, have tarnished the status of Thailand’s coconut trade.
With the new monkey-free certification system, shoppers will have the power to trace the origins of the coconuts used within the registered merchandise, according to Rapibhat. The details of the certification course of will be formally announced within the Royal Gazette, reported Bangkok Post.
In the early levels, the department will collaborate with the non-public sector to encourage coconut growers to get their crops licensed. Rapibhat said…

“The label might be promoted along with the present Good Agricultural Practice [GAP] guideline in an attempt to help coconut growers meet modern business standards.”

One month in the past, Western retailers initiated a widespread boycott, eradicating Thai coconut products from their shelves. The move got here in response to allegations that the coconuts had been harvested by monkeys subjected to alleged ‘abuse’ for coconut choosing coaching. Read extra HERE.
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