Jane Seymour will tour Thailand to promote a number of causes

Jane Seymour, the famous British-American actress, is heading to Thailand together with her household to advertise and support several causes together with pandemic prevention and fighting trafficking. She will tour the country along with her family as a part vacation and part advocacy for Freeland, a charity centred in Bangkok.
While Unique will take time to discover the seashores of Thailand on her household holiday, she might be promoting a selection of causes with her journey. She is set to help a Covid-19 aid effort in Phuket, a film competition referred to as “A Better World, Beyond Pandemics” in Bangkok, and a program to prevent wildlife trafficking by the Thai authorities and an NGO. She will also film a public service announcement about focusing on root causes to have the ability to keep away from future pandemics.
While the full journey dates and schedule haven’t been formally launched, she is booked already to appear in Bangkok on January 6 in the afternoon. Seymour will be featured at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand to promote the movie pageant. She will be joined by her daughter Katie Flynn, who is herself an actress, director, and photographer. She shall be debuting an exhibition of her photographic work.
Freeland, the group that is hosting Seymour on her journey to Thailand, is an international NGO based in Thailand that works to struggle trafficking, a cause she is passionate about. They also launched a program with Thai international firm B. Grimm early final 12 months called EndPandemics that is nonetheless operating a global campaign.
The program urges people to work to vary our relationship with nature, a goal that Seymour supported in 2 previous EndPandemics public service announcements that aired this 12 months and last year on CNN and CNBC. The message had an advert reach of more than 700 million people..

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