Indian man steals cash from Thai distributors near Bangkok

A cunning serial thief stole 950 baht from a Thai vendor in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok. The Indian man in question reportedly stole money from many other outlets utilizing the same smoke and mirror trick.
The victim, Kanticha, revealed to the media that the incident occurred on July 31 at her noodles store within the Bang Bua Thong district of Nonthaburi province. The 22 yr previous lady mentioned an Indian man rushed into her shop and went straight to a fridge and grabbed some herb drinks.
The Indian man grabbed one bottle of the herb drink and handed over a 1,000-baht banknote. Kanticha requested for some smaller bills as a outcome of the drink was only 25 baht. The Indian man changed his thoughts saying the drink was too expensive, so Kanticha handed the banknote back to him.
Template spoke to Kanticha in English earlier than dashing to the fridge once more and grabbing a second bottle. He then approached the seller as soon as once more, asking for change. Kanticha, assuming two bottles price 50 baht, handed over 950 baht as change, forgetting that she had already returned the cash.
Kanticha checked the CCTV digicam to see what had happened in her shop. The Indian man was seen pulling the masks up to cover most of his face. She had never seen this overseas thief in the area before and had heard tales of an Indian man committing an identical crime at a coffee shop in the province on July 21.
Kanticha disclosed that she filed a criticism with officers at Sai Noi Police Station after which made a benefit because the theft had frightened her.
The girl added that she hoped the incident would act as a warning for other distributors and hoped the police to arrest the suspect as quick as potential to prevent an identical case in the future..

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