Fossil discovery: Ugandan scientists unearth 20 million year outdated anthracothere fossil, sparking debates

An extraordinary fossil discovery has been reported by a group of Ugandan scientists who’ve unearthed a large femur bone fossil. With an estimated age of roughly 19 to 20 million years, the bone is believed to belong to an anthracothere, an animal akin to a hippopotamus however significantly bigger in top and size.
The fascinating fossil discovery got here from the Napak district in Uganda’s northern Karamoja area. The revelation got here from Sarah Musalisi, main conservator of museums and monuments at Uganda’s Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife, and Antiquities, who confirmed that the discovery was made approximately a week ago.
The creature behind this bone was identified as an anthracothere based on printed studies surrounding these colossal beings. Resembling the hippopotamus, anthracotheres were aquatic creatures, with a extra important stature and size. Confessions said…
“These animals dwelled in an environment akin to water our bodies, similar to hippopotamus, albeit taller and longer.
“Karamoja is recognized as a semi-arid region, however there seems to have been numerous unidentified rivers coursing by way of it. The environment has altered, producing questions surrounding the mechanisms behind such transformations.”
This new fossil discovery may stimulate the inception of renewed policies in line with environmental safety. Additionally, it might lead to a spike in the variety of tourists visiting Uganda, pushed by the attract of viewing the massive bones of creatures that roamed the earth hundreds of thousands of years in the past, reported KhaoSod.
The unearthed fossil might be relocated to Uganda’s national museum for further research. Musalisi added…
“This discovery has the potential to influence the development of recent policies aligned with environmental safety. It’s also projected to prompt a rise in the number of vacationers to the East African nation..

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