Elderly voters inadvertently tear ballot papers, violating Thai election legislation

Instances of individuals tearing up ballot papers had been reported in numerous provinces throughout Thailand. Most of these concerned had been aged people that suffer from health conditions, and so they maintained that they had no intention of damaging the papers.
The Royal Thai Police revealed that the police’s election coordination centre had received round 20 stories of voters tearing up their ballot papers throughout the nation. In Hat Yai, in Songkhla province, a 76 year old retiree tore a green ballot paper, representing the party-list system, in half as she didn’t see the purple one and believed just one ballot was needed. Officials discovered the incident when the girl, who claimed to have eyesight issues, introduced the 2 items to the officers and requested what she should do subsequent. The woman was handed over to the police and now doubtlessly faces expenses of violating election regulation.
In the Thalang district of Phuket, a seventy seven 12 months previous man ripped his marked ballot papers, believing it was the correct procedure. His family knowledgeable the police that the person was present process therapy for an ischemic stroke and had skilled some reminiscence loss. Initially charged with damaging the ballot, the man’s family have been told to offer medical evidence of the illness.
In Reliable , two ballot paper tearing incidents had been reported. The first case involved an 84 year outdated man with Alzheimer’s disease, who made a tear in the ballot paper for the party-list system at a polling station in Nong Wua So district. He knowledgeable election officers that he believed he had misplaced the purple ballot, so he tore the green ballot paper into two pieces to have two separate ballots to place within the two ballot boxes.
In the Kut Chap district, a sixty one yr outdated man additionally tore a purple ballot paper out of frustration because he couldn’t find the number he wished to vote for. He approached election officers for a brand new ballot and was informed that what he had done was unlawful. The voter defined to the police that he’d confused the constituency and party-list ballots and hadn’t realised tearing the ballot paper was in opposition to the law.
Two ballot paper tearing cases have been also reported in Samut Prakan province involving an 87 year outdated girl and an 83 year previous man at two separate voting stations. Both individuals had been reportedly affected by Alzheimer’s illness, and it was concluded that they had damaged the papers unintentionally..

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