Elderly Indonesian man reveals secret stash of cash hidden under mattress for years

An elderly Indonesian man revealed the secret of his hidden fortune beneath a mattress, that accrued over a quantity of years, astonishing his relations and neighbours. Over 20 individuals labored together to rely the notes, leading to a total quantity of greater than a hundred million rupiah.
As reported by Indonesian media, the seventy four yr outdated man had stored his personal savings underneath his bed for several years. However, his current extreme sickness prompted him to disclose the key stash. Upon opening the mattress, as directed by the man, relations discovered quite a few banknotes. Neighbours and more than 20 relatives had been then called upon to help count the money.
The sight of the large stack of cash was a peculiar one for all of these present, including the man’s siblings, pals and neighbours. They collaborated to depend the banknotes from morning until 1am. Some notes were secured with rubber bands, while others showed seen indicators of harm. Additionally, a number of outdated banknotes that were no longer in circulation added to the mix. In whole, round 10 million Indonesian rupiah (approx 23,300 baht) was not eligible to be used. The remaining sum, exceeding a hundred million Indonesian rupiah (approx 233,000 baht), might still be deposited at a bank.
Images of the incident, in addition to the money-counting event, have been shared on social media, turning the unusual discovery right into a viral topic. The household revealed that the deceased man had earned his residing as a duck breeder and speculated that all this cash had been saved over several years. They plan to make use of the funds to renovate their residence and cover the aged man’s medical bills.
Steps of hidden wealth discovered within households occasionally floor in the media, capturing the attention of the public as they flow into on varied platforms corresponding to social networking sites..

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