Driver focused on GPS by chance drives into canal in Korat

A driver focused on the GPS by accident drove into a canal, sinking his pick-up truck. The driver and the opposite 4 passengers managed to soundly get out of the car. Minutes says he was in an space that he wasn’t acquainted with in the northeastern province Nakhon Ratchasima, also referred to as Korat. With his eyes focused extra on the GPS than the road, he by chance drove into the canal.
The 39 year previous driver Manon shared with the Thai media that he and his family were travelling back residence after visiting pals in Nakhon Ratchasima. He decided to use a GPS as a result of it was darkish, and he wasn’t familiar with the route. At one point, he was supposed to make a U-turn, however the GPS told him to go straight. He followed the GPS and accidentally drove his automotive into the La Boriboon Canal.
The police from Jor Hor Police Station and rescuers visited the scene and introduced the automotive up. The automobile was destroyed at its entrance, however it was fortunate that no one got injured from the accident.
A comparable situation occurred before in Chon Buri, the place the person focused an extreme amount of on the GPS and by accident sunk his automotive 15-metre deep into a pond..

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