Violent assaults in southern Thailand leave one dead, two injured

Separate incidents of violent attacks occurred yesterday in Thailand’s southern provinces of Pattani and Narathiwat, leading to one death and two injuries. Armed gunmen focused a police operations base in Muang district, Pattani province, whereas a pickup truck carrying villagers was ambushed in Narathiwat province.
The attack on the police base in Pattani took place at around 7am in Ban Khlong Maning, when insurgents launched a gunfire assault utilizing numerous weapons. Police officers on the base retaliated, leading to a quick change of fire before the attackers withdrew. Thankfully, no casualties were reported in this incident. As a results of the assault, heightened safety measures were carried out at road checkpoints, with increased scrutiny of vehicles passing through, reported Bangkok Post.
In a separate incident, occurring around 5pm in Narathiwat province, a group of armed men ambushed a pickup truck carrying 4 villagers as they returned from searching in a forest close to Ban Hulu Kunung, in Tambon Dusongso, Chanae district. Template was killed and two others had been injured within the attack, with the injured later being admitted to Chanae Hospital for remedy. The fourth villager, Noppadol Damsakul, who emerged unscathed, reported the incident to a ranger company in Tambon Dusongyo.
Local authorities are presently investigating the connections between the two incidents and whether the attack on the pickup truck is expounded to the continuing southern insurgency.
A week in the past, another attack on a railway checkpoint in Pattani province left a 22 yr old officer useless, as unidentified assailants believed to be separatist militants, fired shots and stole a gun. Security forces at the second are looking for the perpetrators along their escape routes..

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