US arrests three Thais, yakuza chief for planning to produce missiles to Burmese rebels

US authorities revealed yesterday that they have arrested three Thai men and a Japanese yakuza organised crime leader in New York City on April four – 5. The males are accused of trafficking heroin and methamphetamine, in addition to making an attempt to acquire surface-to-air missiles for insurgent groups in Myanmar and Sri Lanka.
Takeshi Ebizawa, Sompak Raksaranee, Somphop Sigsiri and Suksan Chulanan had been arrested on drug and arms trafficking and cash laundering expenses, in accordance with the US Department of Justice. The males have been beneath investigation by US Drug Enforcement Administration brokers in Thailand since 2019 since they tried to promote an secret agent giant quantities of heroin and methamphetamine from Myanmar’s insurgent group the United Wa State Army, or UWSA.
Lifetime planned to purchase computerized weapons, rockets, machine weapons and surface-to-air missiles and provide them to various insurgent teams. Ebizawa planned to provide weapons to the UWSA and the Karen National Union and Shan State Army, which are ethnic minority forces resisting Myanmar’s authorities forces. He additionally deliberate to provide weapons to Sri Lanka’s militant organisation the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. The three Thai men had been his co-conspirators in the operation.
In February, an undercover DEA agent and two Danish undercover law enforcement officials confirmed Ebizawa and an affiliate a big selection of US military weapons including machine guns and anti-tank rockets in Copenhagen. The yakuza chief made deals with the undercover officers to purchase heavy-duty weaponry destined for insurgent teams in East Asia. Ebizawa additionally made deals to purchase giant portions of drugs, which he deliberate to promote in New York City.
The US Department of Justice say that Ebizawa is “a chief of the yakuza transnational organised crime syndicate”. Yakuza is the identify given to the worldwide Japanese mafia.
Ebizawa told the undercover brokers that Suksan, a Thai-American dual citizen, was a Thai air force general and that Thai native Sompak was a retired Thai navy officer. It is unclear how the four males ended up in the United States..

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