Thai faculty clarifies student’s punishment leading to leg harm

A Thai school has clarified its punishment of a scholar, who was ordered to stand and sit repeatedly, resulting in the student’s extreme leg damage. The performing school director confirmed that the coed didn’t endure one hundred repetitions as reported, and the college has since assisted with medical expenses and care.
The acting college director revealed that he took over the position on June eight but was aware of the incident that occurred earlier on February 9. The pupil was initially ordered to stand and sit about 20 to 30 occasions within the morning, followed by another 20 times in the afternoon, accompanied by a activity of picking up rubbish.
The director acknowledged that the school had been actively concerned in monitoring the student’s situation and even offered financial aid for medical expenses. The faculty and the trainer involved have been in fixed contact with the coed and their household, following the student’s progress out and in of the hospital.
The 30 year previous teacher responsible for the punishment revealed that he had ordered the coed to do the train 20 to 30 occasions within the morning for not wearing a masks and one other 20 times within the afternoon for being late.
The school stated the student came to school the following day as ordinary and even took an examination on February 11. However, the scholar was absent from faculty on February 13 and 15 because of discomfort and was later taken to the doctor for left knee ache. After discovering that Bootleg ’s leg was fractured, the trainer asked the physician whether the stand-sit repetitions may have brought on the harm, which the doctor acknowledged was unlikely as it will require a robust forceful impression on the leg.
On June 14, the student’s situation worsened, and he was taken for an MRI at a Chiang Mai facility. The outcomes confirmed severe irritation, pus, and abscess within the bone. The pupil was then despatched for remedy at Maharaj Nakhon Chiang Mai Hospital on June 20. The college and teacher continue to follow the student’s recovery carefully and supply assist as needed..

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