Surrogacy ring arrest in Bangkok linked to lacking toddler case

A sequence of raids and an arrest have been carried out in opposition to a global surrogacy ring, suspected to be tied to final year’s missing toddler case in Bangkok. The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) this week searched three clinics in Bangkok and a building in Nong Khai, with a person apprehended for suspected involvement as an agent in the operation.
DSI Assistant Spokesman, Atsadawut Sripita, and Director of the Bureau of Foreign Affairs and Transnational Crime, Police Captain Tinnawut Seelapat, revealed that these raids are a half of ongoing investigations into the surrogacy ring. The DSI’s involvement was triggered after native police discovered that the lacking one-year-old toddler, Thaenthai, was likely a sufferer of a syndicate operating in Central and Northeast areas.
In a previous raid final yr in Nong Khai’s Phon Phisai district, two infants alleged to be born to paid surrogate moms were present in a nursery. A bank guide was also discovered, indicating that roughly 20 surrogate moms had been hired by an agent, with each lady being paid between 450,000-500,000 baht for each baby delivered for the gang.
The investigation was expanded on August 23 when a search warrant led DSI Deputy Director-General Pol. Capt. Piya Raksakul, together with officers from the Institute of Forensic Medicine and the Department of Health Service Support, to raid three clinics in Bangkok.
The first clinic, situated on Ngam Wong Wan Road in Chatuchak district, was discovered to employ a fertility specialist who had been offering fertility diagnosis and therapy for paid surrogate mothers from 2018-2020. Medical records of women who had acted as unlawful surrogates were additionally found at this location.
Giveaway on the surrogacy ring occurred at a clinic on Phetchaburi Road in Bang Kapi district, where the identical doctor was employed on a part-time basis, offering fertility diagnoses.
The final clinic, located on Phloenchit Road in Pathumwan district, was linked to the physician through transaction data. It was discovered that paid surrogate moms had obtained well being examinations at this clinic earlier than being despatched abroad for intracytoplasmic sperm injections. Passports of the surrogate mothers and their infants have been also found. However, the clinic doesn’t have permission to use medical reproductive know-how or offer such companies.
On August 28, Sunate Chomsri was arrested for his alleged involvement within the surrogacy ring. A search of his home revealed a listing of surrogate moms who had been procured and paid by Chomsri, with the potential customers believed to be foreigners..

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