Riding and renting a bike in Thailand | Top 10 tips | VIDEO

Motorbikes and scooters are the preferred mode of transport in Thailand, and most of south east Asia. In many circumstances, they’re the ‘engine’ for the local economies. Most of them simply go and go and go, they’re astonishingly dependable. Getting around on a motorcycle is simple enough and can get you to your destination sooner, whilst the vehicles and trucks are plodding alongside in the site visitors.
But driving a bike in Thailand may additionally be very harmful. If you persist with the common sense fundamentals – experience throughout the pace limits, put on a bike helmet, obey the visitors rules and don’t drink and drive – it remains a perfectly dependable way to get round.
Here’s our Top Ten tricks to make your journey on the bike safer, and, more comfortable.
Number 1. Wear appropriate clothes. Falling off a motorcycle without anything covering your knees or elbows, goes to be painful enough – having a minimal of some cloth between you and the street is going to reduce the painful grazes a bit. Long pants and a protracted shirt are an excellent start. Always put on footwear for a similar purpose. And a motorbike helmet as nicely – it’s the law and it could save your life.
Number 2. Keep your bike in good condition. As Illegal and dependable as the trendy motorbikes are, they will run higher and for longer should you sustain the service schedule, and change the oil around once a month. Apart from changing the engine oil, control the tyres because the highway surfaces in a lot of Thailand, plus the heat and humidity, will wear down your tread quickly. Your brakes may also want checking. Then there’s the lights at the back and front, which are your best approach to inform different driver’s what you’re doing within the traffic. Indicators will not be used a lot by the locals, but YOU should.
Number 3. Make sure you may have a proper license. Your automotive license in your home country isn’t legal in Thailand to journey a motorcycle. Your International Drivers License for automobiles, issued in your house nation isn’t going to cut it both. Legally, the only document that may satisfy the Thai authorized system, officially, is a Thai bike license. Keep this in mind if you want to lease a motorbike! If you live in Thailand you merely should get a correct motorbike drivers license of you want to experience a motorcycle here. And while we’re talking about a Thai Motorbike License, we’re speaking in regards to the ones you get from the Land Transport Offices, not along Khao San road for 500 baht!
Number 4. Check your journey and medical insurance. Every week The Thaiger hears from tourists caught in a Thai hospital with mounting hospital payments and an insurance company that won’t pay out as a result of they didn’t have a proper drivers license. Or no insurance at all. And even in case you have journey or medical insurance, verify the fantastic print as a end result of most insurance coverage contracts don’t include driving on motorbikes in Thailand.
Number 5. Driving is completely different in Thailand. Many of the principles are the same as countries that also drive on the left-hand side of the highway. But it’s a totally different vibe. Apart from the lunatics that drive too fast, drink-drive or ghost ride…. That’s driving towards the move of site visitors on the mistaken side of the road…. there’s just a completely different attitude to driving. It’s a bit like swimming with a school of fish… if you simply go-with-the-flow, and hold within the stream of visitors, you’ll generally do well. Be extra careful and conscious if you’re not used to the circulate of Thai traffic. Number
Number 6. Green lights imply GO. Red lights also imply GO…. sometimes. You’ll see what we mean. Don’t even take into consideration making an attempt it. You’ll either find yourself fined, or lifeless.
Number 7. Have a apply. If you’re either new to driving a motorcycle or new to driving a motorcycle in Thailand don’t thrust your self right into a busy stretch of street immediately. Try something somewhat calmer and slower to get a really feel of the delicate variations in Thai site visitors motion. You’re sharing the highway with vans, cars, buses and passenger vans.
You’re meant to stay on the left hand side and you’d be nicely suggested to do so, regardless of the behaviour of some Thai motorcycle drivers that need to combine it with the ‘big boys’. Get some confidence along with your bike and method it handles, and shifting in and round traffic on a quiet road before you tackle the principle roads.
Number 8. There’s pot holes, then there’s POT HOLES. The roads around Thailand have really improved prior to now decade but you’ll still discover pot holes in locations there wasn’t one the day earlier than. If you want a really good reason for giving loads of distance between you and the car in entrance, it’s to see the pot hole before you find yourself IN it. Whilst automobile tyres would possibly glide over these holes in the highway, your motorcycle is likely to come to an abrupt halt, with you continuing over the entrance of the handlebars – something to do with Newton’s first regulation of motion.
Number 9. If you’re undecided, don’t. Never ridden a motorbike? Didn’t experience a motorbike in your personal country? There’s two good reasons not to attempt it on your first time in Thailand.
It is usually a little bit of a challenge for even experienced motorbike drivers, properly different anyway. There’s plenty of other ways to get round and if you’d like THAT selfie in your Facebook page there’s thousands of bikes parked by the side of the highway where you might get a photograph. Just as a outcome of your folks did it once they travelled to Thailand doesn’t imply you have to.
Number 10. Police will often arbitrate on the spot at an accident. If you are within the mistaken and broken somebody or somebody else’s bike you’re probably going to have to pay up. Now, there’s the ‘official’ method to kind issues out in these case and the ‘unofficial’.
The policemen will get to the scene quickly sufficient and, usually, resolve there and then who was at fault. They’ll often negotiate how much ought to be paid as nicely. The city fantasy is that Thai police always aspect with the the locals – that’s not the case though, if you’re certainly within the mistaken then you’re IN THE WRONG!

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