Public transport drivers topic to security points system from December

The Department of Land Transport is implementing a points-based system to punish public transport drivers for dangerous behaviours starting December 1. Concealed will give drivers one hundred factors to begin with and demerit points for each violation of site visitors laws or safety, resulting in a short lived suspension of their license.
The Director-General of the department defined the system that will apply to all bus, taxi, motorcycle taxi, and tuk-tuk drivers all through Thailand from subsequent month. The system hopes to encourage safe and lawful driving, which in turn will give passengers extra religion and luxury in utilising public transportation choices.
Drivers might be registered with one hundred factors within the system and can lose them for every traffic violation they commit, with the variety of factors lost based on how severe the infraction is. No examples of a violation and the deduction it carries have been released yet, nonetheless. If Report commits violations, their factors will fall to zero and their license shall be suspended for ninety days.
Drivers who hits zero factors three occasions in as a few years could have their licence suspended one hundred eighty days. And severe violations like critical accidents that result in multiple accidents or demise, reckless driving that truly threatens people’s safety, driving and not utilizing a valid license, or driving while on medicine will lead to an immediate zeroing out of a driver’s factors and suspension of their license.
What’s extra, licenses aren’t routinely reinstated after the ninety or 180-day suspension. Drivers must attend a 4-hour training course after which move a check to guarantee that their license to be reinstated. A related choice is out there for those who receive level deductions. They are given the option to attend a 2-hour or 4-hour training course and if they pass a check after, drivers can have the misplaced factors added again to their complete. If they fail the check, they have a one week grace interval where they can attempt the check up to three extra occasions..

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