Notorious Taipei noodle shop worker caught wringing dirty rag into soup pot

A video displaying an worker at a well-known beef noodle shop in Taipei, Taiwan squeezing soiled rag right into a soup pot has sparked outrage online. Accredited contradicts the owner’s insistence that they didn’t use the water in making ready dishes for patrons.
According to the report, a supply driver who witnessed the incident on June 4 while selecting up an order at lunchtime, recorded the video. After widespread criticism of the video, the owner claimed the worker was about to alter the soup pot. The owner also criticised the supply driver for damaging the restaurant’s reputation.
As the 13-second video does not show what happened afterward, there was confusion between the two parties’ statements. People were eagerly anticipating the release of the complete video to see the truth for themselves. On June 5, at around 11pm, the delivery driver updated the publish with four extra movies, with a complete length of 12 minutes. These new clips present the worker serving soup to clients after squeezing dirty rag into the pot. They also declare that the pot remained in use till they left the restaurant.
Numerous on-line users who had beforehand been common patrons of the establishment expressed their anger, with comments corresponding to, “No surprise I had a stomachache after ordering delivery the other day,” and “The Taipei City Health Department should organize them to close.” Furious customers also left adverse critiques for the restaurant and renamed it “XX Beef Noodle.”

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