Metso Outotec slurry pumps to treat tails at SevGOK iron ore project

Engineering Dobersek in Germany and Severniy Mining and Processing (SevGOK) in Ukraine have chosen Metso Outotec’s mill discharge pumps for Severniy’s greenfield course of waste thickening plant, the OEM says.
Metso Outotec’s pumps will be used to pump the iron ore focus plant’s waste sludge into the settling ponds from the thickeners. Professional to be delivered by Metso Outotec include 10 massive high-capacity MDM700 pumps. Together, the pumps are capable of dealing with a total quantity of 117,500 cu.m/h of waste sludge.
“SevGOK’s complex is the second of its sort in Ukraine, and Engineering Dobersek in Germany has designed it,” Axel Stappen, Managing Director, Engineering Dobersek GmbH, says. “With this investment, SevGOK goals to decrease environmental impacts and prices by decreasing power consumption and water utilization. They chose Metso Outotec pumps due to their reliability and effectivity, and the great help Metso Outotec has offered of their earlier initiatives.”
Michael Nienhaus, Head of Sales, Slurry Pumps, Germany, Metso Outotec, says: “We are delighted to have been chosen to produce our MD sequence pumps to SevGOK’s challenge. To give an concept of the dimensions of an MDM700 pump, it could weigh as much as 31 t and be 2.eight m in diameter, and have a formidable pumping quantity of up to 9,650 cu.m/h. The MDM pumps function in very demanding circumstances, and we’ve designed them to function reliably and to face up to distinctive wear.”
Metso Outotec mill discharge pumps have been designed for mill circuit applications, corresponding to SAG/ball mill discharge pumps and hydrocyclone feed. Special emphasis has been placed on elements which have to withstand exceptional put on from coarse heavy solids and circulate turbulence, the company says.

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