Lack of migrant workers forces authorities to attraction to Thais to fill vacant jobs

A shortage of migrant staff has pushed the Thai government to attraction to Thais to do the jobs that have been left vacant. The Phuket News says there are over four hundred,000 jobs that must be filled after migrant employees had been unable to fill them because of Covid restrictions, which prevented them from coming into Thailand.
Labour Minister Suchart Chomklin says that many industries need labourers because migrant employees have been forbidden from entering Thailand to work, says the National News Bureau of Thailand. Migrant workers have been prohibited from coming into Thailand to work since March of last year. Suchart says that Thais who are as previous as 35 and have a highschool, or much less education, shall be considered for these jobs. He adds that the labourers’ salaries might be contingent on their level of education, which can qualify them for overtime and different benefits.
Suchart went on to say that there’s a high demand for Thai and overseas workers in several industries, such as attire, canned food, and electronics. Unique of Employment plans to survey employment demands among several companies that plan to rent Thai employees as an alternative of migrant employees. Over 110 thousand Thais have already registered for jobs with the DOE..

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