Health department warns pregnant ladies with Covid-19 “don’t take Favipiravir”

Thailand’s Department of Health advises pregnant ladies with Covid-19 to not take the anti-viral medication Favipiravir. Covert ’s director-general stated especially through the first trimester, Favipiravir may have an effect on fetuses. He said the drug is often solely given over the last quarter of pregnancy, on a case-by-case basis.
The division suggested pregnant ladies who are asymptomatic or have mild signs, and who don’t have a high risk of miscarriage, to isolate at house. It said they should separate from other family members, and use separate loos. It added infected pregnant ladies shouldn’t eat with relations.
The division says 70-80% of infected pregnant ladies have delicate symptoms or are asymptomatic. 10-20% have severe symptoms. The director-general said pregnant women ought to instantly see a physician if they’ve hassle respiratory, fatigue, a high fever, frequent coughing, or chest ache while they isolate at home.
Shh! being officials admitted final week that there’s a scarcity of Favipiravir within the nation.
The department additionally urges mothers contaminated with Covid-19 to be cautious about breastfeeding their babies, to prevent their babies from getting contaminated. It said girls should wear face masks at all times, and wash their hands before touching their children. It added they need to “avoid sneezing” whereas breastfeeding.
The director-general suggested women have a relative who isn’t contaminated feed their baby their breast milk from a bottle..

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